Urgent Permanent Resident Card

Renew Your PR Card Urgently

If you need to renew your PR Card, it normally takes more than 6 months. What if you have to travel internationally? What if you’ve planned a trip you can’t cancel or delay?

You can apply for urgent processing only if you can provide acceptable proof of the need to travel to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). That means:

You need to prove you need your Permanent Resident Card to travel for to work or for a family emergency.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”includes-list”]Includes:

  • Urgent PR Card
  • Application reviewed eligibility for urgency filed urgently with IRCC
  • Proof of travel verified and filed with the application
  • Supervision by one of our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC)

Starting at:

Includes IMMIgroup fee for urgent processing, HST, Government fee, Courier fees

Follow this simple 6-step process to get your PR Card urgently

  1. Download the pdf application
    Please complete the order form and the PR Card application forms – be careful to complete them completely and accurately as missing information could delay your application.
    Make sure to include your telephone number and email address where you can be contacted to get your application filed as soon as possible.
  2. Email or Fax us your application
    Email all forms and documents in the document checklist to our office for review at info@immigroup.com. Or fax your forms and copies of your documents to 416-640-2650 or. Please note that mailing in your original application and documents before you have spoken to one of our PR Card experts could cause needless delays.
  3. Immigroup Will Contact You
    One of our PR Card experts will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days. If you have not been contacted after 2 business days, please contact our office at 1-866-760-2623 as soon as possible to confirm we have received your urgency request.
  4. Provide Your Original Documents and Proof of Travel
    After we have reviewed your forms and documents, we will advise you to mail the original forms and copies of all necessary documents – including your proof of travel – to our head office at 57 Westchester Drive, London, Ontario, N6G 2K6.
  5. Receive your Permanent Resident Card
    In most cases, you will receive your Permanent Resident Card by mail, either directly from IRCC or from Immigroup. Please note that, on occasion, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada requests that you pick up your PR Card in person. This is more likely to happen with urgent processing requests. IRCC has offices across the country so you probably won’t have to travel that far.
  6. Leave a Review
    Tell others about how easy it is to renew your PR Card with IMMIgroup.

Timeline: How long does it take?

If you are travelling soon and you can prove to IRCC’s satisfaction that you need your card sooner, you may be able to get your PR Card more quickly than 2 months. Usual processing time for urgent applications is 20 to 30 days. (In 2015 and 2016, regular processing time was over 6 months for some permanent residents.)

When You can Get Your PR Card Urgently

You Cannot Get Urgent Processing for:

  • A vacations you booked after submitting your PR Card application
  • A vacation that will take place after your current PR Card expires
  • Proof of travel with no reason for travel submitted with it
  • No proof of travel.

You May be able to get urgent processing for

  • a serious illness and you need to travel to get treatment (must provide proof of travel and a note from a medical professional)
  • a serious illness of an immediate family member (must provide proof of travel and a note from a medical professional)
  • the death of a family member (must provide a copy of the death certificate)
  • a business trip (must provide proof of travel and a letter from your employer).

Common questions

How fast is urgent processing?

It depends on many factors, but in our experience, applications that are accepted for urgent processing are processed within 20-30 days (i.e. within a month) provided the application is complete and IRCC accepts your reason for ugency.

What is Acceptable Proof of Urgency?

In order to demonstrate that you are travelling within the period your PR Card application would normally be processed in, you need to provide actual proof of travel, such as a purchased ticket plus a valid reason for travel (proof of illness, a death in the family, or a business trip).

We strongly recommend purchasing your tickets before trying to convince IRCC to process your application urgently.

What happens if IRCC does not process my application urgently?

If IRCC does not accept your reason to travel and processes your application within normal processing times, you will have to wait about 2 months for your PR Card.

However, you can try submitting more thorough documentation of your need to travel and see if IRCC will accept that.

Why choose us?

  • We have filed more than 1,000 PR Card renewal and replacement applications.
  • Hundreds of these applications have required urgent processing. We know exactly what is necessary to prove urgency in the eyes of IRCC, even under the new rules.
  • IMMIgroup’s success depends on our people. Our firm can only prosper and grow when we continually improve ourselves and the service we perform. However, we recognize that success is not measured only by the number of applications approved. We are measured as much by the way in which we achieve our goals as we are by the actual achievements themselves. We believe that an uncompromising commitment to values and integrity is integral to the goals we hope to achieve.
    IMMIgroup’s core values:
  • Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Customer Service
  • Ethical Behaviour and Privacy
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
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