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Every Permanent Resident of Canada must meet the Residency Obligation to maintain your status in Canada. In order to verify that you’ve met your Residency Obligation, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) asks you to list your trips outside of Canada when you renew or replace your PR Card.

The Residency Obligation is 730 days in Canada in any 5 year period. However, if you are even hundreds of days over the minimum 730 days you may be asked to account for your residence while renewing or replacing your PR Card. If it is suspected you may not have met the Residency Obligation, you will be sent a Residency Determination questionnaire. Failing to properly respond (or respond at all) to this questionnaire could lead to an inquiry into your status and the possible loss of that status.

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  • List of documentation
  • Response reviewed for completeness and filed with CIC
  • Supervision by a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)


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Follow the easy 6-step process to respond to the Residence Determination Questionnaire

  1. Contact Us
    The first step is to contact us at 1-866-760-2623 or at to book a consultation so we can assess your case. Consultations start at $175+HST and are credited to the total fee.
  2. Gather Your Documents
    IMMIgroup will provide you with an exhaustive list of documents you can use to prove your residence in Canada.
  3. Questionnaire is Prepared
    IMMIgroup will help you with the letter to CIC and assembling your documents with a table of contents.
  4. Response Submitted to CIC
    Once your letter is drafted and the documents are assembled we will submit the questionnaire response to CIC.
  5. Receive your PR CardOnce the questionnaire response successfully proves you met your Residency Obligation, your PR Card application will resume processing and you will be mailed your PR Card upon approval. Note: In some circumstances you will be requested to pick up your PR Card in person.
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Why You Need to Answer the Residency Determination Questionnaire

What Will Happen if You Don’t Respond to the Residency Determination

  • Your PR Card will not be renewed so you will not be able to travel outside of Canada and may have trouble proving your status in Canada
  • Depending on how long you spent outside of Canada, your case could be investigated and then sent to an adjudicator.
  • If an adjudicator decides you did not meet the Residency Obligation, you could lose your status in Canada.

What Will Happen if You Do Answer the Residency Determination

  • If you satisfy CIC, you will receive your new PR Card.
  • You will be able to travel outside of Canada again, while maintaining your status.
  • You will be able to easily prove your status in Canada once again.

Common questions

What is the Residency Determination questionnaire?

The Residency Determination questionnaire is one way Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) determines whether or not Permanent Residents have met the Residency Obligation, which is a minimum of 730 days physically present in Canada every five years.

It is issued to Permanent Residents renewing or replacing their PR Cards who appear to have not met the Residency Obligation, who have missing information on their PR Card applications and at random.

Receiving the Residency Determination questionnaire does not mean that you will lose your status, but it does mean that you need to prove to the government that you are meeting your duties as a Permanent Resident.

How do I respond to the Residency Determination questionnaire?

You need to prove to CIC that you have met the Residency Obligation. To do this, you need to gather as many documents as you can that prove that you were in Canada for at least 730 days for the last five years. You need to submit these documents as part of your response to the questionnaire. IMMIgroup recommends also writing a letter and providing a table of contents to make it easier for the officer in charge of your file to understand your response.

What happens if I ignore the Residency Determination questionnaire?

If you are ignore the Residency Determination questionnaire, your PR Card application will be abandoned. However, nothing will happen to your status as a Permanent Resident until an inquiry is made into your situation. Failing to respond to the questionnaire does not automatically mean you will lose your status in Canada.

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